While each guitar is handcrafted and no two are alike, these are typical components of the guitars I make. Sonically, I strive to have fat round trebles in all of my guitars. As a player I've often found that thin trebles are the kiss of death. Volume is relative and is an issue I like to discuss with the client, but personally I try to get as much volume without sacrificing tone.

The Selmer/Maccafferi style guitars I make are based on the dimensions of the originals. Having played and owned many great guitars in this style (Favino, Dupont, Castellucia, and Selmer to name a few) over the last 19 years, I feel that I have a great understanding of how these guitars should sound and play. My personal preference for the Oval soundhole model is to have a side port. After playing a guitar with one, you'll wonder why all of them don't have one. These guitars project forward and a side port allows the player to hear themselves better.

-Standard 670 scale
-1.75" nut
-Solid Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
-Spruce Top ( I prefer Italian Alpine)
-Mahogany Neck with Double Action Truss Rod
-Ebony Fingerboard with no face dots (20" radius)
-Schaller Tuners
-Nitro Finish

The Archtop guitars are a culmination of copying guitars made by Gibson, Benedetto, D'Aquisto, and D'Angelico. I put everything that I found to be positive in their guitars into mine. While I have my designs, I like to offer the player many options such as headstock size, scale, fingerboard radius, binding, body width, and lastly the tailpiece.

My base price Archtop features:
-25" Scale
-1.75" nut width
-European Spruce Top
-European AAA Flamed Maple
-Curly Maple Neck
-Bound Ebony Fingerboard
-Schaller or Gotoh Tuners
-Floating or Set Pickup
-Simple Black or White Binding
-Ebony and Brass Tailpiece
-Nitro Finish